Origami Dragon Bookmark by Jo Nakashima 1
Now you can have an origami dragon guarding the page of your favorite book! Designed by Jo Nakashima (03/May/2018) Difficulty level: High intermediate My paper: First dragon: 20cm x 10cm Shadow Fold (buy it). This is my recommended size, but it requires good thin paper Tutorial: 30cm x 15cm Red […]

Origami Dragon Bookmark

Crane Bookmark by Jo Nakashima
It looks like a simple Crane sitting on a book, but it’s actually an origami Tsuru Bookmark! Designed by Jo Nakashima (21/Apr/2018) Difficulty level: low intermediate My paper: 10cm x 20cm Copper Tissue-Foil Buy this paper: http://www.origami-shop.com/fiche_article.php?ref=8&products_id=9470&affiliate_banner_id=1 PDF diagrams: not available

Origami Crane Bookmark

Nakashima Heart Origami
Learn how to make my new origami heart (named “Nakashima Heart” after the suggestion of my followers on Facebook). At first glance It looks like the simple traditional origami heart, but this one has two clean sides with no loose flaps nor unwanted creases. I’m really happy with the result […]

Origami Nakashima Heart

American Eagle v2 by Jo Nakashima
This new version of the American Eagle (Bald Eagle) has a similar structure of the first one, but with great improvements. The wings are larger and better positioned, better proportions, larger tail and a better shape on the talons. I recommend a large sheet of paper that will allow you […]

Origami American Eagle v2

Origami Snowflake by Jo Nakashima
Learn how to make a beautiful origami Snowflake from one uncut rectangle sheet of paper. It will look even better if you use translucid paper (eg: tracing paper or Glassine paper). Origami Snowflake Designed by Jo Nakashima (Dec 13, 2017) Difficulty level: intermediate My paper: Copper Tissue-Foil 20cm x 20cm […]

Origami Snowflake

Origami Snowman by Jo Nakashima
Did you know? In America the snowmen are made from 3 snowballs, but in Japan you make it with only 2. I made the Japanese version first because it was easier.Then, I just added another module to make the third snowball and changed the arms position a little bit. The […]

Origami Snowman

Origami Emoji by Jo Nakashima
I’m working on a new series of origami Emoji! I’m adding the tutorials to the playlist down below. Click the top left icon below to see the available ones or click the title to open it in a new tab on YouTube: Pictures

Origami Emoji

Origami Jack-O'-Lantern by Jo Nakashima
This is the model that I’ve designed for Halloween this year (2017). It is based on the origami Skull that I’ve created in 2016. Origami Jack-O’-Lantern Designed by Jo Nakashima (23/Oct/2017) Difficulty level: low intermediate PDF Diagrams: not available My paper: Kraft 15cm x 15cm

Origami Jack-O’-Lantern – Halloween

Origami Feathered Tsuru by Jo Nakashima
How to make an origami Feathered Crane designed by Jo Nakashima. This model is like the traditional Tsuru, but with nice details on the wings and a color change on the beak. Special paper is NOT required! You can use even standard 15cm x 15cm origami paper. But for best […]

Origami Feathered Crane