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700k subscribers on YouTube
Today my YouTube channel has surpassed 700.000 subscribers! Thank you all! Here is a brief history of my subscriber count: 27/Jul/2010 – 10k subscribers 19/Jun/2012 – 100k subscribers 21/Apr/2013 – 200k subscribers 03/Nov/2013 – 300K subscribers 30/Apr/2014 – 400K subscribers 02/Nov/2014 – 500K subscribers 23/Mar/2015 – 600k subscribers 29/Aug/2015 – […]

700k subscribers on YouTube!

Now you can display your models with my new origami stand! It can also be used as a simple box to store small things like jewelry. Designed by Jo Nakashima Design date: 05/Aug/2015 Difficulty level: simple Attaching the models Make small holes strategically using a needle. Then use nylon fishing […]

Origami Stand

Origami Essence by Román Díaz is an excellent book with origami models from all complexity levels. I recommend this book to everyone, from beginners to experienced folders. There are 34 models with clear diagrams, enjoyable folding sequences and the recommended paper type/size for each one. The book is both in […]

Origami Essence by Román Díaz

So, I decided to try Patreon. Patreon is a platform where you can support content creators like me. It’s basically like paying me a tip every time I make a new origami tutorial as a thanks for my work – and get some rewards in return. Don’t worry, you can set […]

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