Origami Stand

Now you can display your models with my new origami stand! It can also be used as a simple box to store small things like jewelry.

Designed by Jo Nakashima
Design date: 05/Aug/2015
Difficulty level: simple

Attaching the models

Make small holes strategically using a needle. Then use nylon fishing line to attach the models to the stand. This image shows how I did it to the Penguin, Dragon and Chinchilla:

Hole map


Paper sizes

Stand: 12.5cm x 12.5cm
Dragon: 20cm x 20cm
Chinchilla: 20cm x 20cm
Penguin: 14cm x 14cm


For the money cat/bunny/dog you can figure out how to make the holes easily. Here are my suggested paper sizes (for the same 12.5cm x 12.5cm base):

Money Cat: 15cm x 6.5cm
Money Dog: 20cm x 8.3 cm
Money Bunny: 20cm x 8.3 cm

Making a seamless origami stand

You’ll get better results if you avoid bending the middle area and the unnecessary creases. You can do it easily using a pen to score the paper only where a crease is really needed. Make all the creases on a heavier paper first:

Scoring 1

Scoring 2