Origami T-Rex – Video and Diagrams

Origami T-Rex Designed by Jo Nakashima

Info and Diagrams

Designed by Jo Nakashima (04/Jul/2015)
Difficulty level: low intermediate
Recommended paper size: 20cm x 20cm
My paper: Green Tissue Foil
Diagrams: Download [PDF]

I made this origami T-Rex when I was actually designing my Velociraptor. I couldn’t decide between the flat head and the 3D head, so I made both versions.

I recommend using a paper that holds the creases very well or wetfolding. But it can be done with regular origami paper too. Leave the model inside a book for a while (before shaping) or use clothespins to let the creases set.

Origami T-Rex with clothespin

Origami T-Rex Tutorial