Origami Velociraptor – Diagrams and Video

Origami Velociraptor by Jo Nakashima

Info and Diagrams

This model is similar to my origami T-Rex, it has the same base but longer tail/arms and smaller head. If you use a good paper it can stand on his feet without tail support, but you can fold it with regular origami paper or copy paper too. It is based on Jurassic World’s velociraptor, not the feathered velociraptor. If you like dinosaurs, try also the T-Rex and the Brachiosaurus.

Designed by Jo Nakashima (19/Jul/2015)
Difficulty level: intermediate
Recommended paper size: 20cm x 20cm
My paper: Green Tissue Foil (special paper is not required)
Diagrams: download [PDF]

Origami Velociraptor Tutorial