Origami Devil Dragon – Video and CP

Origami Devil Dragon - designed by Jo Nakashima

Info and Crease Pattern

Designed by Jo Nakashima (2015/09)
Difficulty level: complex
Recommended paper size: 40cm x 40cm
My paper: Red Tissue-foil
Diagrams: not available yet

The origami Devil Dragon is the evolution of my other origami dragons and I think it’s my best model so far. I like it a lot specially because of the expression on his face. Now it has fingers, spikes on the tail, extra horns, eyes, improved lower jaw and larger wings.

You can see how it evolved from my previous Dragon in the crease patterns below.

Dragon CP

Origami Dragon CP

Devil Dragon CP

Devil Dragon CP

The initial base is very simple, it is basically a mix of the bird base and the frog base. By “adding” some extra paper I managed to create all the extra features. This technique is called “border grafting” (to learn more about origami design I recommend the book Origami Design Secrets, by Robert J. Lang).

This model doesn’t requires special paper if you use a sheet large enough (I recommend at least 40cm x 40cm). The eyes and the spikes on the tail can be a bit tricky to make if you use a small sheet.

If you fold it, don’t forget to post a picture using the hashtag #jonakashima on Instagram!

Origami Devil Dragon Tutorial


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