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Origami Snowflake by Jo Nakashima
Learn how to make a beautiful origami Snowflake from one uncut rectangle sheet of paper. It will look even better if you use translucid paper (eg: tracing paper or Glassine paper). Origami Snowflake Designed by Jo Nakashima (Dec 13, 2017) Difficulty level: intermediate My paper: Copper Tissue-Foil 20cm x 20cm […]

Origami Snowflake

Origami Snowman by Jo Nakashima
Did you know? In America the snowmen are made from 3 snowballs, but in Japan you make it with only 2. I made the Japanese version first because it was easier.Then, I just added another module to make the third snowball and changed the arms position a little bit. The […]

Origami Snowman