Origami American Eagle v2

This new version of the American Eagle (Bald Eagle) has a similar structure of the first one, but with great improvements. The wings are larger and better positioned, better proportions, larger tail and a better shape on the talons.
I recommend a large sheet of paper that will allow you make the talons perfectly (at least 30cm wide – I like using 40cm), but it’s doable with smaller sheets like 15cm x 15cm (just don’t expect great results from that!). If you fold it with a good paper that keeps the shape well, it will be able to stand easily without tail support.


Designed by Jo Nakashima (01/2018)
Difficulty level: complex
My paper: 40cm x 40cm Copper Tissue-Foil (20cm x 20cm in the beginning)
PDf Diagrams: not available