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Origami Dragon Bookmark by Jo Nakashima 1
Now you can have an origami dragon guarding the page of your favorite book! Designed by Jo Nakashima (03/May/2018) Difficulty level: High intermediate My paper: First dragon: 20cm x 10cm Shadow Fold (buy it). This is my recommended size, but it requires good thin paper Tutorial: 30cm x 15cm Red […]

Origami Dragon Bookmark

Crane Bookmark by Jo Nakashima
It looks like a simple Crane sitting on a book, but it’s actually an origami Tsuru Bookmark! Designed by Jo Nakashima (21/Apr/2018) Difficulty level: low intermediate My paper: 10cm x 20cm Copper Tissue-Foil Buy this paper: http://www.origami-shop.com/fiche_article.php?ref=8&products_id=9470&affiliate_banner_id=1 PDF diagrams: not available

Origami Crane Bookmark