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Paper folder. Dog lover.

Origami Reindeer by Jo Nakashima
Now the set is complete! Learn how to fold an origami Reindeer for this Christmas! Fold the complete set with the Sleigh, Santa Claus and his bag! I’m really satisfied with the result, specially with the lock at the end that keeps it closed in shape. Use a paper colored […]

Origami Reindeer (or deer)

Info Now our little origami Santa Claus has a Sleigh! You can put both Santa and his bag inside of it. I really liked the locks, the color changes and the curves. Santa’s Sleigh Designed by Jo Nakashima (26/Nov/2016) Difficulty level: simple Paper size: 15cm x 15cm for a 12.5cm […]

Origami Santa’s Sleigh

Info Origami Canoe Designed by Jo Nakashima (24/Nov/2016) Difficulty level: simple My paper: 15cm x 15cm Kraft Diagrams: not available This simple origami boat can float and the paper usage is very efficient: a 15cm X 15cm sheet of paper results in a 20cm long canoe. Video tutorial

Origami Canoe

Info This model is a variation of my original origami Tree using an octagonal unit (you can also fold it from other polygons). Click here to see the first version. Origami Christmas Tree Designed by Jo Nakashima Difficulty level: simple My Paper: Kraft This model requires multiple square sheets of […]

Origami Christmas Tree v2

Elephant Bookmark
Info I’ve created this Elephant Bookmark with the same style of my Neko Bookmark. Origami Elephant Bookmark Designed by Jo Nakashima (10/2016) Difficulty level: low intermediate My paper: 15cm x 15cm Kraft Diagrams: not available Video tutorial and Time-lapse

Origami Elephant Bookmark

Origami Elephant by Jo Nakashima
Info I’ve created the head of the origami elephant in june/2016, but only recently I decided to complete it with a body. There are now two versions, this one and the bookmark . I made this one seated to follow the same style of my origami money cat, money dog […]

Origami Elephant

Origami Flower Pot and stem The origami flower pot with stem is made from a single sheet of paper, making a good use of the colors of both sides. It can be connected with many different types of origami flowers, including my own designs, other artist’s designs and traditional models. […]

Origami Flowers

Info Daruma is a traditional japanese doll, symbol of perseverance and good luck. Fill one eye and make a wish (or set a goal); fill the other one when it is achieved. In this model you can fill the eyes by making a simple valley-fold as shown in the gif […]

Origami Daruma