Origami T-Rex Designed by Jo Nakashima
Info and Diagrams Designed by Jo Nakashima (04/Jul/2015) Difficulty level: low intermediate Recommended paper size: 20cm x 20cm My paper: Green Tissue Foil Diagrams: Download [PDF] I made this origami T-Rex when I was actually designing my Velociraptor. I couldn’t decide between the flat head and the 3D head, so […]

Origami T-Rex – Video and Diagrams

Now you can display your models with my new origami stand! It can also be used as a simple box to store small things like jewelry. Designed by Jo Nakashima Design date: 05/Aug/2015 Difficulty level: simple Attaching the models Make small holes strategically using a needle. Then use nylon fishing […]

Origami Stand

This origami Christmas Tree was created by myself in 2014. It is a modular origami and all the units are connected without glue. You can also attach an Omega Star (designed by Philip Shen) on the top and little Lucky Stars on the points (all without glue!) Duo Thai Paper […]

Origami Christmas Tree