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Tissue-foil paper from Origami-shop

This is one of my favorite papers for origami and I’ve used it on many of my videos, as you can see on my YouTube channel. It is thin but strong and keep the creases very well.  It is available on large sizes (up to 60cm x 60cm), so you can use it to fold complex models too.

Buy this paper!

This paper is exclusively sold at Origami-Shop (don’t worry, they ship worldwide!) and you can buy it on the following links:

Sample pictures

Below you can see some origami models using this paper.

Origami Dragon
Designed by Jo Nakashima
Origami Chinchilla
Designed by Jo Nakashima
Origami T-Rex
Designed by Jo Nakashima
Origami Devil Dragon
Designed by Jo Nakashima





Jo Nakashima

Paper folder. Dog lover. See all my origami tutorials on my youtube channel:

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