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Origami Wolf

The origami wolf is the first model I created in 2017, based on my origami Fox. It requires some shaping to make it look really nice, so I strongly recommend wet-folding for best results.

Origami Wolf
Designed by Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer (01/2017)
Difficulty level: intermediate (easy to fold, but requires shaping)
My paper: Grainy 20cm x 20cm
Diagrams: not available

Recommended papers

  • Grainy: this is the paper that I used on my tutorial. As the name suggests, it has a grainy texture. It’s very good for wet-folding and will keep the shape very well. BUY IT HERE
  • Elephant Hide: also perfect for wet-folding. One of my favorite types of paper for sure. BUY IT HERE


Download awesome wallpapers created by Camila Zeymer. Click to open the image in full size and save it!
Available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Origami Wolf wallpaper (desktop version)
Origami Wolf wallpaper (mobile version)
Jo Nakashima @jonakashima

Paper folder. Dog lover. See all my origami tutorials on my youtube channel:


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