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Origami Phoenix

Learn how to fold an origami Phoenix! Inspired by Fawkes the Phoenix from Harry Potter books/movies. This model is similar to the simplified version of my origami Eagle – this means I can still make a more detailed Phoenix in the future.

Designed by Jo Nakashima (03/Aug/2018)
Difficulty level: Complex
My paper: 20cm x 20cm Red Tissue-foil (click here to buy it)
PDF diagrams: not available yet

Recommended papers for best results:

  • Deluxe Washi Red (buy it here) – this is the paper I used in the first Phoenix shown in the video and the picture in the thumbnail
  • Sandwich Paper Red (buy it here) – this paper is amazing, highly recommended for complex models! But if you want the color change, you need to paint or glue another sheet on one side.
Jo Nakashima

Paper folder. Dog lover. See all my origami tutorials on my youtube channel:

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