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Origami Diabolical Cube Puzzle

Designed by Jo Nakashima (09/2019)
Difficulty level: simple
My paper: 12cm x 12cm origami paper (27 sheets)

The origami Diabolical Cube is a puzzle similar to the SOMA Cube. It consists of six different pieces that can be assembled into a 3x3x3 cube. According to Wikipedia, it appears to be the oldest puzzle of this type, first appearing in an 1893 book Puzzles Old and New by Professor Hoffmann.

The puzzle has 13 different solutions, if mirrored pairs of solutions are not counted as being distinct from each other.

The origami is pretty easy to make and it only uses the basic cube unit and connections like in the origami Tetris Blocks.

Jo Nakashima @jonakashima

Paper folder. Dog lover. See all my origami tutorials on my youtube channel:


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